BIGS aka Chip Casual, Big Rocks, Bruce Bongsteam, The Weeded Sleuth, Worth

C.E.O. / Co-founder / Emcee / Producer

Member of - Rigorously Prostituted / Stucci Brothers / z-Force

2002 Big Day Out Battle Champion 2002 Revolver Battle Runner-Up

Bigs wrote his first verse in 1996. Freestyling with friends usually, things got more serious in 99 when Bigs and Baz connected with Scott Skills and Smoke and formed RP (Rigorously Prostituted). Recording numerous underground cassette releases before the debut RP Invasion album in 2002. During this time, Bigs made his name in the Melbourne battle scene, and eventaully was judging, hosting and holding independant battle events with Empire 1. However the focus was more on writing and recording music, launching the label Rigorous Recordings with Scott Skills in 2003.

By 2006, Bigs had released a solo album and was now making beats for an expanded roster of Rigorous artists. With 10 of the 15 tracks on Harvest 2 - Crop Circles coming from Bigs, he had established himself as genuine producer for the label. Since then Bigs has quarterbacked Rigorous Recordings through 12 album releases and had a hand in countless other projects. Amongst them is the unreleased album with Retayner - One Foot In The Grave, which has been painfully and only partially leaked online over the last 5 years.

Currently Bigs is spear-heading the highly anticipated return of Rigorous Recordings, working on 3 new projects: "Stucci Brothers" - The Album with a.DD, "Z-Force" - Cold War Stories with Koziosko, RBD & Luke Dubious, & "Soap Scum Lyrics Volume 2" with a full roster of Rigorous Crew members and other guests.

Scott Skills

SCOTT SKILLS aka Brasi, Lord Skillsington, Don Skilly

C.E.O. / Co-founder / Emcee

Member of - Rigorously Prostituted

2003 Revolver Battle Champion

Co-founder of RP and the Rigorous Recordings label (formerly known as Brasi) Scott Skills has been a driving lyrical force since day one. The Rigorous crews premier freestyler and battle MC triumphed over more than 70 other emcees at Revolver 2003.

Scott Skills is equally renowned for his work as a recording artist with Rigorous Recordings. Performing on 12 different albums, most notably, RP Invasion - Verbal Assault, Harvest 1 & 2, Soap Scum Lyrics Vol 1. And of course his 2008 debut solo album, Lyrical Warfare.

Expect to hear a lot from Skills on soap Scum 2.


a.DD aka Franco Stucci, Adam Strange, Legs Lazy, Chester Stubbs

Emcee / Graphic Designer / Freak Genius

Member of - Stucci Brothers / Frank Castle Entertainment

The visionary yet reclusive Rigorous solo artist a.DD is a fan favourite. He and Bigs go back to the early 80's where they were forced to associate as infants. Thus leading to their brotherhood as the Stucci Brothers. a.DD's unique style and view of life makes every track a new adventure. Joined the label officially in 2003 as part of the original roster.

a.DD features on 9 Rigorous releases as well as other projects on his own label Frank Castle, alongside Kid Selzy. His debut solo album 'The Same Ugly Business' (2007) featured a collaboration with Bootcamp Clik's Sean Price & Starang Wondah. He has also worked other international artists such as Slaine, Tame One & Louis Logic.

Aside from the music, a.DD has been the lead graphic designer for the label with over a dozen CD artworks to his credit, and hundreds of posters, flyers, garments and advertisements. A vital piece of the puzzle that is Rigorous Recordings.


Koziosko aka The Mountain Man, KOZ of Ilyiad

Emcee / Cypher Sniper / Demolition

Member of - Daywalkers, Menace Merchants, Z-Force, Pitch Black

Kozi joined the label as a solo artist in 2005 but also part of numerous groups within Rigorous. Known as one of the hardest working emcee's on the roster, Kozi features on 9 Rigorous albums & is always neck deep in some rap shit.

As many know, the Menace Merchants album never reached the point where it was scheduled for release, however Kozi formed the group Daywalkers with Rigorous new-comer Plarks in 2006 and they released their debut album 'Chronicles of the 3rd Realm' in early 2007. Daywalkers follow-up album 'Twilight to Daybreak' was released in 2010 and was entirely produced by Techstyles & The Master on the cuts.

Kozi's solo album 'Alpine Mind' was released in digital format 2013 and he is now embarking on a new group project - z-Force, with Bigs, Dj Ernest Dubious and RBD. Lookout for Kozi on Soap Scum 2 as well.


SMOKE aka Dj Smokitup, Scott Despoja, Smokey

Engineer / Producer / Director / Web Manager

Member of - Rigorously Prostituted

Smoke comes from a wide musical background and has operated as the technical brains behind Rigorous Recordings. The man is responsible for suggesting the first ever Rigorous Recording session in 1999 and is still at the forefront of Rigorous music and business to this day.

Smoke, a professional drummer and drum teacher makes music with everything he touches. Has an extensive catalogue of Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Ambient, Electro and Pop. He was the core producer and engineer of 3 early Rigorous releases (RP Verbal Assault, Reptiles) along with all of the early demo recordings. Smokey has also mixed & mastered a dozen Rigorous albums and engineered thousands of rowdy sessions with the emcees.

Smoke now also works largely within the business side of Rigorous Recordings e.g. on-line marketing & merch.


Rizo aka Snuff Garret, Rizdominus

Emcee / Producer / Engineer / Technician

Member of - Herbivorz, Menace Merchants

Rizo re-located from Sydney and joined the label in 2005 as part of the duo Herbivorz with Xen-d. He brought both his lyrical and production skills to the table. Immediately joining Bigs and Smoke as a major producer for the label as a whole. Rizo has produced for 7 Rigorous albums and has verses on 9.

Rizo served as a Rigorous studio boss at several locations, spending heinous amounts of time at the helm making beats, engineering sessions and handling post production.

He and Xen-d completed the Herbivorz debut album 'Cadillacs Among Men' which was released in 2007.

Rizo is now in his home city of Sydney, holding it down for the crew and working on the new soap Scum release.


Xen-d aka Xen Dazzle, Dazzlehoff, Pops Freshenheimer

Emcee / Mad Scientist

Member of - Herbivorz, Menace Merchants

The other half of Herbivorz with Rizo, an emcee known for his completely unique flows, sound, and subject matter. Xen-d joined the label as part of the 2005 expansion with Menace Merchants, and has featured on 9 Rigorous albums.

Most notable release are Harvest 2, soap Scum Vol 1 and of course the Herbivors debut album from 2007.

Another member who moved to Melbourne for many years working with the label, and Xen engineered many lab sessions and also produced numerous tracks for RR artists.

Currently back in Sydney working Soap Scum 2 with Rizo & Aber 1.

Fiz the iLL Kid

Fiz the iLL Kid aka Dominic Dabinksi, the kid illicit,

Emcee / Talent Scout / Ambassador / Doctor

Member of - Menace Merchants

Another original member of the Rigorous roster from 2003. Fiza's links to founder Bigs go back to the mid 90's where they would freestyle with the few others who dared in those days. His first appearance was on the RP debut Verbal Assault in 2002 before the label was launched.

Fiza appeared on 7 Rigorous releases before his debut solo album was released in 2008. The album 'Status Pending' lived up to its name, having been under construction and delayed for several years. The album includes a guest appearance from Pumpkinhead of Brooklyn Academy.

The iLL kid was instrumental in the expansion of Rigorous Recordings in 2005. His association introduced new members Willy Epson, Koziosko, Xen-d & Rizo, who together formed the Menace Merchants.

In recent years, Fiza has been repping the RR from London, but he is scheduled to appear on the upcoming Soap Scum Lyrics Volume 2 project.

Willy Epson

Willy Epson aka Willy eps, The Lord of Raw

Emcee / Day Ruiner

Member of - Menace Merchants, Pitch Black

Willy Epson is known for his hard hitting flows and rugged lyrics, earning him the name 'Lord of Raw'. A long time friend of Fiza and Kozi, Epson joined Rigorous in 2005 and appeared on 5 Rigorous albums. Most notably the 2006 compilation Harvest 2 where Willy had 4 tracks including the solo 'Big Willy'.

Epson also released his own mixtape/album 'The Hektapes' in late 2007 and the Pitch Black mixtape with Kozi (2008) Both of these releases are considered street classics.

Willy passed away in 2011. His legacy will live on throughout Rigorous Recordings forever, and the label intends to release additional material for his fans when the time is right.

Plarks The Fumble Tongue

Plarks the Fumble Tongue aka Fumbles, Platinum Plarks

Emcee / Rap Assassin

Member of - Daywalkers / Repeat Offenders Music

Another emcee introduced to the label by Fiz. Plarks joined the crew in early 2006 and managed to sneak his first appearance on Harvest 2, the title track Crop Circles. Plarks verse on the track impressed Bigs, and even more so did the Daywalkers debut 'Chronicles of the 3rd Realm' which Kozi and Plarks had finished only 6 months after the release of Harvest 2.

Plarks appears on 9 Rigorous releases including the 2 Daywalkers albums, plus 'Interview with a Vandal', his debut solo album which was released on Repeat Offenders Music in conjunction with Rigorous Recordings. The album was produced primarily by Bigs and Plarks.

Plarks is now located in Adelaide where he is repping the label and his own label Repeat Offenders Music.


Aber 1 aka Aber Uno,

Emcee / producer

Aber relocated from Sydney and joined Rigorous Recordings in 2008 after making his first appearance the previous year, on the Daywalkers debut album with the track 'Under Duress'. He produced the track as well. From there Aber appeared on a further 5 Rigorous albums, along with producing tracks for many Rigorous artrists.

Aber is currently in Sydney producing and writing for Soap Scum Lyrics vol 2.

DJ Drizlax

Dj Drizlax aka Drizzle

Turntablist / Emcee

Rigorous crews' official DJ since 2007. Drizlax has held it down on the decks at many wild Rigorous Recordings shows over the years.In the studio, Driz has worked with most Rigorous artists, featuring heavily on the albums The Same Ugly Business (a.DD 2007) and, Bangers & Raps (Bigs 2009).

Drizlax also features as an emcee on Daywalkers debut and Bangers & Raps.